Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Damn you Martha Stewart

I have a LOVE HATE relationship with the lady. So much that I want to do that I feel paralysed by it all and end up doing so much less than I really want to. Here's the thing:
  • Does Martha REALLY only sleep 4 hours a night?
  • If yes, how, goddammit?!
  • Is she bipolar too? That would explain A LOT - the energy, the minimal sleep, the criminal nature.
Totally unrelated to my paralysis, of course. But just like the Real Housewives of OC use the TV broads as their inspiration, I use Martha, Martha, freaking Martha.

To add, well, injury to injury, I now get her daily newsletters to remind me of how little I actually get done. Crap!

I feel like work is getting in the way of life. Again. And that I need a big long break of, oh, forever, to get going on all of this.

But instead, this weekend, I intend to:
  • Use the crates we found during the renovations to make some succulent gardens;
  • Stick some happy wanderer in the ground so I don't have to stare at ugly fencing when I do the laundry;
  • Make tins into containers - really?

  • Move the geraniums from the front yard into pots for the back garden;

  • Make a mint chandelier - why have I never thought of this before?

Wish me luck...

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